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At the end of the year, there are many different celebrations all around the world. This is a perfect time to introduce different cultures and religions to your child in a gentle and non-intrusive way.

It's a good way to help your child understand that not everybody follows your family's choice of religion or method of celebrating. And, it can help your child to share their excitement about the holidays with friends who come from different cultural backgrounds.

Start with Your Own

An easy way to start this is to talk about your own religion or own celebrations and then compare them to how they are celebrated around the world. For example, if you are a Christian and you celebrate Christmas, look at how Christmas is celebrated in other countries.

In France, the 24th is an important day for celebration with a big meal and presents being opened after church service. In the UK the 25th is usually when gifts are exchanged and Christmas dinner is eaten. Some countries also celebrate the 26th with Boxing day as part of the Christmas celebrations. In Japan, they eat KFC as their Christmas meal and in Australia, they often have a BBQ.

Not only are celebrations different around the world, but even closer to home, families celebrate in different ways. Often each family will have their own fun traditions or way of doing things.

Use the printable available from the library, linked below with question prompts and ask friends, family and neighbours if they are willing to be interviewed.