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If you are homeschooling more than one child, you most likely understand the common struggles of trying to keep the little ones occupied while schooling their older siblings. While it may seem difficult or even overwhelming to get through daily lessons, homeschooling with younger ones in tow is also very much a blessing.

Homeschool Animal Printable Match the Images

Here at The Art Kit, we’ve had our fair share of homeschooling multiple ages and grades and have learned some helpful tips on keeping those little ones busy during daily homeschool lessons.

Homeschool Playdough

  • Snacks. Is your little one hungry? This is the perfect time to get some quiet time in with the older ones while the younger ones munch on a snack or meal.

  • Playdough. A batch or two of homemade playdough goes a LONG way! Discover our easy, no-cook playdough recipe. Pair a fresh batch of playdough with some of our themed playdough mats to extend the fun!

  • Busy binders. Busy binders are worth their weight in gold! A bit of prep goes a long with when it comes to busy binders. Plus, you can create themes based off your child’s interests or introduce them to something new. Discover our full selection of printable busy binder pages and start (or add to!) your collection today.

  • Stickers and paper. So simple and so fun! Simply set out a few sheets of stickers and paper for your child, and they will happily entertain themselves for quite a while. Pull off the outer sticker portion to make it easier for your child to remove the stickers from the sheet. You could even draw a line on their paper and invite them to place stickers on just that line. Or ask them to make a scene with the stickers. Washi tape is another fun medium to use.

  • Gluing crafts. There’s something about glue that is just so fun! Place a sheet of paper on a tray (to keep everything a bit more contained) along with some torn-up pieces of paper, gems, googly eyes, etc., and some glue, and watch their creativity soar! Or, print out our free printable papercraft templates.

  • Coloring pages. Never underestimate the simplicity of coloring pages! We have a huge selection of coloring pages to choose from. See them all here.

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