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After over a decade of homeschooling and years of sharing our family's homeschool journey on Instagram, I often get homeschool-related questions from moms and homeschool families from many different walks of life. From new homeschool moms who want to know where to start. From tired homeschool moms who want to know how to press through when things aren't going the way, they had planned. From lonely homeschool moms who don't have a support system in place and often feel completely alone.

Homeschooling Family

I hope that these 5 points will help each and every one of you, no matter what stage of this homeschool journey you are on. If you found these helpful, head to the link below to read 5 more tips!

1. Let go of anything that is not bringing you AND your children joy. It may be a curriculum that you thought you would love. It may be a unit study that you planned for weeks. Whatever it is, if it's taking the joy out of learning set it aside.

There have been so many times that I have had to do this very thing. And even though it's been hard at times, my children & I are so much happier when our lessons & days consist of the things that fill us with joy.

Homeschooled kids learning