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The pumpkin pack is a fantastic educational tool that includes a variety of fun activities for children.Immerse your child in the enchanting world of pigs with our Watercolor "3 Little Pigs/All About Pigs" Study! This comprehensive resource offers a delightful blend of storytelling and hands-on activities designed to engage young learners. From exploring the classic tale of the three little pigs to delving into the fascinating facts about pigs' lives, children will embark on an educational adventure filled with creativity and wonder. With interactive elements like vocabulary expansion, math practice, and DIY booklets, this study fosters a love for learning while promoting essential skills development. Spark curiosity, ignite imagination, and cultivate a deeper understanding of the world of pigs with our captivating Watercolor Study.

3 Little Pigs Study

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  • Watercolor 3 little pigs/All about Pigs Study:

    -3 little pigs story
    -All about pigs booklet
    -Life cycle of a pig
    -Parts of a pig
    -Did you know? Fun facts about pigs
    -Words activity
    -DIY pig booklet
    -Addition & Subtraction
    -Pig sayings
    -Cut & paste activity
    -3 little pigs reading comprehension worksheets
    -3 little pigs story book + tracing books

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