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Unveil the mysterious life of cicadas with our enchanting Printable Activity Pack, specially designed for curious young minds! This engaging and educational bundle is perfect for children who are eager to explore the wonders of nature while having fun with hands-on activities.
What's Inside?

🌟 Parts of a Cicada: Dive into the anatomy of a cicada with beautifully illustrated worksheets that label each part, helping children understand these amazing insects up close.

🦋 Cicada Life Cycle: Follow the incredible journey of a cicada from egg to adult with our detailed life cycle diagrams and activities that make learning about metamorphosis exciting and memorable.

✂️ Cicada Craft: Get crafty with easy-to-follow instructions for creating your very own cicada model. Perfect for developing fine motor skills and fostering creativity.

📖 Cicada Stories: Enjoy captivating short stories about cicadas that are perfect for reading aloud or for young readers to practice their reading skills.

🔤 ABC Uppercase and Lowercase Matching: Strengthen letter recognition with fun and interactive activities where kids match uppercase and lowercase letters using cicada-themed cards.

➕ Math 20 Frame: Make math practice fun with our cicada-themed 20 frame worksheets, helping kids to develop counting and number recognition skills in an engaging way.

📚 Cicada Fact Cards: Discover fascinating facts about cicadas with colorful fact cards that are perfect for little learners who love to share what they know.

And More!

Cicadas Study Pack

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