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Unearth the mysteries of the prehistoric era with our brand-new Dinosaur Study Pack! This comprehensive set features an array of exciting and educational activities that revolve around the fascinating world of dinosaurs, including the mighty T-Rex and numerous other species.

Ideal for young explorers aged 6-12, the pack introduces various essential skills with a twist of prehistoric fun. It helps to develop early reading, writing, mathematics, and fine motor skills, all while engaging with the captivating history of our planet.


This pack features around 120 pages of printables.

The pack includes a detailed T-Rex info card, Alphabet Dinosaur Montessori 3 and 4 Part Cards, and a rich selection of info sheets on dinosaurs and paleontology, providing an immersive learning experience. Dive into the Age of Dinosaurs with our carefully curated facts, explore the family structure, anatomy, habitat, and diet of the T-Rex, and stretch your knowledge with our word searches and quizzes.The kit also introduces young learners to the tools of a Paleontologist, guiding them through  the story letter about 'The Lost World', and engaging Map of Dinosaurs.

With the Initial Letter Cards and Alphabet Tracing, your little ones will master the alphabet. The Read It, Build It, Write It CVC Words section adds another layer of language learning, helping children understand and build basic words. The inclusion of early math and language activities seamlessly blends education and entertainment, offering a unique learning platform that children will love.Our Dinosaur Study Pack is the ultimate educational resource for parents, educators, and homeschooling families alike, making learning about dinosaurs and the prehistoric age an exciting journey of discovery!

Dinosaurs Study Pack

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  • Immerse yourself in the era of the dinosaurs with this incredible Dinosaur Study Pack, loaded with comprehensive and interactive learning resources:

    • T-Rex Info Card: An intriguing guide to the king of dinosaurs, featuring captivating facts and figures about this iconic species.

    • Alphabet Dinosaur 3 and 4 Part Cards: An alphabet-themed set of cards, with each letter represented by a different dinosaur, serving as a fun way to learn ABCs.

    • Dinosaur Infosheet: A comprehensive resource offering in-depth knowledge about various dinosaur species and their unique characteristics.

    • Paleontology Info Sheet: An engaging guide to the study of prehistoric life, introducing young learners to this fascinating scientific field.

    • The Age of Dinosaurs Info Sheet: A captivating resource detailing the distinct periods of the dinosaur era, from Triassic to Cretaceous.

    • 7 Facts about Dinosaurs: Seven eye-opening facts that offer a glimpse into the remarkable world of these ancient creatures.

    • D and T Letter Tracing: Practice sheets to improve handwriting skills, themed around 'D' for Dinosaur and 'T' for T-Rex.

    • T Rex Info Sheets: A detailed exploration of the T-Rex's family structure, anatomy, habitat, and diet, further deepening your understanding of this magnificent predator.

    • Word Search and Quizzes: Engaging activities to test your knowledge of dinosaur-related vocabulary and facts learned from the pack.

    • Tools of a Paleontologist: An informative guide detailing the various tools used by paleontologists, bringing the real-life excitement of dinosaur exploration to you.

    • The Lost World Story and Comprehension Sheet: Dive into a thrilling narrative set in the age of dinosaurs, followed by comprehension activities to enhance reading and understanding skills.

    • Map of Dinosaurs: A unique map showing where different dinosaur species once roamed, offering a global perspective on these prehistoric giants.

    • Initial Letter Cards: A set of cards designed to reinforce letter recognition, with each card decorated with corresponding dinosaur illustrations.

    • Alphabet Tracing: Fun-filled activity sheets to help children practice writing each letter of the alphabet, while also enhancing fine motor skills.

    • Read It, Build It, Write It CVC Words: A multi-step literacy activity that encourages kids to read, assemble, and write simple Consonant-Vowel-Consonant (CVC) words.

    • Early Math and Language Activities: Engaging tasks designed to introduce and reinforce basic math and language concepts, seamlessly integrating with the dinosaur-themed content.

    This Dinosaur Study Pack is the perfect blend of entertainment and education, providing young learners with a rich and enjoyable experience as they journey back to the prehistoric age!

  • Please note that due to the digital nature of the product, we do not offer refunds.

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