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Dive into the aquatic world with our Watercolor Fishing Pack! This educational bundle offers a hands-on exploration of fishing essentials, from gear identification with 3-Part Cards to learning about freshwater vs. saltwater fish. Engage in sorting activities, discover fish facts, and explore the anatomy of both fishing rods and fish. Follow the salmon's life cycle, practice math with addition and subtraction challenges, and measure fish lengths for a fun twist. Boost numerical fluency with skip counting puzzles, refine language skills with prepositions, and develop fine motor skills with tracing books. Plus, record your fishing adventures in our charming Fishing Log Book. With our Watercolor Fishing Pack, learning about fishing has never been more immersive or enjoyable!

Fishing Unit Study

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  • Watercolor Fishing Pack includes:

    -What is fishing + 3 part cards fishing gear
    -Saltwater vs. Freshwater fish +3 part cards
    -Sorting buckets
    -Sorting freshwater vs saltwater fish
    -Did you know?
    -What makes a fish?
    -Parts of a fishing rod + parts of a tuna fish
    -Salmon life cycle
    -Addition & subtraction
    -Measure the fish
    -Skip counting puzzle
    -Tracing Book
    -Fishing tracing book
    -Fishing Log Book

  • Please note that this is a digital product and the materials will be sent to your email address right after purchase. Nothing will be shipped to your address. Due to the digital nature of the product, we do not offer refunds.

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