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Embark on a global journey of discovery with our Landmarks Mini Bundle! This carefully curated collection is designed to engage and inspire young adventurers as they explore the world's most iconic landmarks. From hands-on activities like assembling a paper camera with landmarks film to interactive learning with 3 parts cards showcasing captivating images and descriptions, children will delve into geography, culture, and photography in an exciting and immersive way.

Our World Map with landmarks coins provides a visual representation of landmark locations across the globe, while learning about the parts of a camera enhances observational skills. With bookmarks for literary adventures and a vibrant poster to adorn any space, this bundle invites children to broaden their horizons and ignite their passion for exploration and discovery.

Landmarks Camera Study

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  • Landmarks Mini Bundle :

    -paper camera with landmarks film (hands-on activity)
    -landmarks 3 parts cards
    -World Map with landmarks coins
    -parts of a camera

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