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Embark on a captivating journey with our Lighthouse Printable Activity Pack for Kids! This delightful and educational pack is designed to inspire young minds with the wonders of lighthouses, combining creativity, learning, and fun into one amazing package.
🔹 What's Inside?

Types of Lighthouses: Learn about different kinds of lighthouses from around the world. Discover their unique designs, histories, and the important roles they play in guiding ships safely to shore.

3D Paper Lighthouse Craft: Bring the charm of a lighthouse to life with our easy-to-follow 3D paper craft. Kids will love assembling their own miniature lighthouse, perfect for display or imaginative play.

3D Paper Boat Craft: Set sail on your own adventures with a fun 3D paper boat craft. Simple instructions make it easy for kids to build their very own vessel to accompany their lighthouse.

3D Paper Polaroid Camera: Capture memories of your lighthouse explorations with a creative 3D paper Polaroid camera. This crafty project is a fantastic way to blend art and pretend play.

How to Draw a Lighthouse: Budding artists can follow step-by-step guides to draw their very own lighthouses. Perfect for all skill levels, this activity encourages creativity and fine motor skills.

And so much more...

Lighthouse Study Pack - Teaching O and A

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