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If you are looking for a fun and educational activity for your little one, a mushroom bundle is the perfect choice! This bundle includes a variety of resources that will help your child learn about mushrooms in an interactive and engaging way.

First up are the mushroom 3 parts cards and characteristics cards. These cards feature high-quality images of different types of mushrooms, along with information about their characteristics and habitats. This is a great way to teach your child about the diversity of mushrooms and how they differ from one another.
Next, the ABC mushroom cards will help your child learn the alphabet while exploring mushrooms. Each card features a different type of mushroom and its corresponding letter of the alphabet. This is a fun and unique way to teach your child the ABCs.
For a math-focused activity, the addition and subtraction cards are a great choice. These cards feature simple addition and subtraction problems that your child can solve using mushroom images as visual aids. This is a fun way to introduce basic math concepts to your child.
The 100 board is another great resource included in this bundle. This board features 100 squares that your child can use to count mushrooms or practice skip counting. It's a great way to reinforce basic math skills while also exploring the world of mushrooms.
The mushroom window transparency is a unique addition to the bundle. This resource features a high-quality image of a mushroom that can be placed on a window or light table to create a beautiful and educational display.
The CVC booklet is a great way to teach your child about word families using mushroom-themed words. This booklet includes a variety of activities that will help your child learn to read and write CVC words.
Overall, the mushroom bundle is an excellent choice for parents and educators who want to engage children in a fun and educational activity. With its variety of resources, it's sure to provide hours of learning and enjoyment for children of all ages.

Mushrooms Unit Study pack

Excluding VAT
  • This pack includes the following:

    Mushroom 3 parts cards
    ABC mushroom cards
    Addition and subtraction cards
    The 100 board
    The CVC booklet

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