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🌟 Spring into a World of Learning with the MEGA BUNDLE! 🌿 Dive into over 2,900 pages of enriching Montessori and Charlotte Mason printables from 35 incredible creators. This Summer, transform educational time into an adventure with 9 themed collections full of vibrant, hands-on activities and hundreds of hours of quality learning.


🌈 What’s Inside? Dive into Each Fascinating Theme:

ART & MUSIC Unleash creativity with 300 pages of art and music exploration. Children can engage with famous artworks through hands-on activities, explore Vincent van Gogh's life, and create summer-inspired art. Our interactive coloring journals cater to various age groups, perfect for nurturing artistic skills and reflective thinking.

ASTRONOMY Spanning 270 pages, this theme offers an expansive look into the cosmos. Build a paper solar system, learn about legendary astronauts, and manage a Solar System Ice Cream Parlour for a playful approach to space science.

GEOGRAPHY & HISTORY Explore 330 pages of rich cultural and historical landscapes, from ancient African empires to modern celebrations around the globe. Engage in interactive projects like designing theme park rides based on historical kingdoms and learning through fun, geographical dress-up dolls.

LANGUAGE & MATH This 230-page theme merges foundational skills with fun, featuring activities like a Cactus Activity Pack, advanced studies of triangles, and Telling Time Bundles. It also includes 1st Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets and Summer Meditation Cards to foster a love of reading.

NATURE STUDY Our largest section with over 600 pages allows children to explore the animal kingdom, ecosystems, and the Galápagos Islands. They'll learn about everything from local wildlife to garden pollinators and engage in projects like constructing Montessori maps with animal cutouts.

OCEAN STUDY Dive into 520 pages of oceanic adventures. Study coral reefs, shark anatomy, and the lives of famous marine biologists. Construct lighthouse models and delve into the depths with oceanography studies, enriching your child’s understanding of marine life.

PALEONTOLOGY Calling all dinosaur enthusiasts for 200 pages of prehistoric exploration! Learn about fossils, dinosaurs, and the tools of paleontologists through interactive language and math activities that make history come alive.

PARENTING This 200-page section provides tools and strategies to strengthen family bonds. Explore effective communication, conflict resolution, and fun activities that build deep connections between parents and children, and among siblings.

STEAM Ignite technological curiosity with 140 pages focused on innovations like robotics and video game design. Engage with the history of robotics through interactive flashcards and a workbook that guides aspiring game designers from concept to creation.

SUMMER MEGA Bundle 2024

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    • Art and Our Mental Health - Natalie Duhon
    • Color by Number - My Mega Bundles
    • Nature Coloring Journal - My Mega Bundles
    • Still Life Art Study - Papaslon
    • Summer Art Explorer - Willow And Owl
    • Summer Art Explorer Grid Extension - Willow And Owl
    • The World of Music - Generation Education
    • Vincent Van Gogh - Wildflowers By Sarah
    • Astronaut Activities Pack - Mi Tiendita Montessori
    • Astronomy - Activity Book - My Mega Bundles
    • Solar System Ice Cream Parlor - Hudson Academy
    • Solar System Research Journal - Hudson Academy
    • Ancient Africa Theme Park - One Tree Montessori
    • Australia Study - Organized Homeschool Mom
    • Dressing Dolls - Mi Tiendita Montessori
    • France Mini Unit - Mama Made It
    • French Figures - Mama Made It
    • Oceania Unit Study - Aprendiendode3
    • World Summer Celebrations - 193 Little Adventures Pack
    • 1st Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets - MindSprout
    • Cactus Activity Pack - The Art Kit
    • Summer Meditation Cards - Mama Made It
    • Summer Stories Reading Comprehension Worksheets - MindSprout
    • Telling Time Bundle - Purple Nest Kid Creations
    • The Study of Triangles - Love School at Home
    • Animals of the World Unit Study - Montessori in Daily Life
    • Wild Animals on The World Maps - Montessori in Daily Life
    • Animals of the World Flash Cards - Montessori in Daily Life
    • Animals Studies - Barefoot Child
    • Clouds Guess Who Game - Modern Classical Homeschool
    • Flamingo Study Pack - For the Love of Homeschooling
    • Horse Study Pack - For the Love of Homeschooling
    • Galapagos Islands and Charles Darwin - My Little Montessorian
    • Garden for Pollinators - Leyendo con Azul
    • Moonlit Minibeast Curious Trails Nature Study - Books and Willows
    • National Parks Guess Who Game - Modern Classical Homeschool
    • Pond Exploration - A Family Study - Rooted Homeschool
    • Frogs Study Pack - My Mega Bundles
    • The Tick Nature Study - So Simple a Beginning
    • Charlotte Mason Summer Seaside Bundle - Established at Home Co
    • Coral Reef Unit Study - Rudens Art
    • Eugenie Clark and Her Sharks - Organized Homeschool Mom
    • Lighthouse Study Pack - Teaching O and A
    • Lighthouses - Gabitat Emporium
    • Marine Biology: Jeanne Villepreux-Power - Hollow and Hoot
    • Ocean Unit Study Pack - My Mega Bundles
    • Whales, Dolphins, & Sharks Learning Pack - Little Hands Learn
    • Fossils Mini Unit - The Modern Montessori Guide
    • Dinosaurs Study Pack - My Mega Bundles
    • A Transformative Parent-Child Guide to Ultimate Connection - Mini Marvels
    • Blood Buddies - Mini Marvels
    • Become a Video Game Concept Designer - A Homemade Education Press
    • History of Robotics Flashcards - Salt and Lightspeed
    • History of Robotics Stories & Lessons - Salt and Lightspeed
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