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Get everything in the Summer Mega Bundle plus additional printables from the Upgraded Pack. 

Discover the World & Dive into Summer: The Ultimate Upgraded PackEnhance your Summer Mega

Bundle experience with our exclusive Upgraded Pack, meticulously designed for young explorers and budding geographers. This add-on enriches the bundle with a comprehensive exploration of global geography and an immersive guide to summer learning.

Countries of the World & Map Skills:

Fact Cards for 120 Countries: Each card features the country outline and flag, perfect for quick learning and easy reference.

Reveal the Country Suitcase Game: A hands-on geography game where children guess the country from its outline as it is slowly revealed from a paper suitcase.

London Map Skills Printable Pack: Navigate through the iconic city of London with our detailed printables. Learn essential map skills through hands-on activities that bring cartographic concepts to vibrant life.


Summer Study Guide:


Seasonal Exploration: Dive deep into summer with comprehensive sections on the Sun, Summer Weather, and the Seasons. Understand the nature-related and astronomical aspects that define summer.

Hands-On Activities: Engage with a variety of DIY projects like building a sundial, creating a cloud in a jar, and preparing seasonal recipes, to name but a few.

Nature and Wildlife: Learn how animals adapt to the summer heat, explore edible plants, and identify animal footprints with our nature walk viewers. Discover the plants that bloom in this vibrant season and delve into the basics of stargazing with child-friendly, detailed modules.


Each topic is explored with engaging study text, vibrant illustrations, and practical activities that promise an immersive hands-on learning experience. This upgraded pack is not just an educational tool but a gateway to creating unforgettable learning moments this summer.


SUMMER MEGA Bundle Upgraded 2024

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