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Get the upgrade version fo the Honey Bee Study Pack - our Ultimate Honey Bee Study Pack that contains everything in the main study pack plus over 150 pages of language, math and sensorial workbooks ideal for children 4 to 8.

The mail pack is suitable for children aged 6 to 14.

The Ultimate Honey Bee Study Pack

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  • The study pack is jam packed with 50+ pages of information and fun activities about Honey Bees and you will also receive a bonus 40-page PDF!

    • Comprehensive Study Book designed for children aged 6 to 14: Your child will learn the history of bees, all the facts about bees, beekeeping and the tools involved, your child will gain a wealth of knowledge about these fascinating insects. Explore the bee family, witness the life cycle of bees, uncover their habitats, learn about their diet and the valuable products they create and so much more.
    • Engaging Activities: Learning becomes an adventure with our pack! Enjoy a variety of fun-filled activities, including mazes, word searches, quizzes, and more. These interactive challenges not only entertain but also reinforce key concepts and keep your child engaged throughout the learning process.

    • Stunning Visuals: Our pack is brought to life with captivating images that transport your child into the world of bees. Beautifully illustrated pages create a visual feast, making the learning experience both educational and visually appealing.

    • You will also receive a bonus 40-page PDF featuring vibrant posters, a detailed life cycle circle, whimsical decorations, a bee-related alphabet, and  33 informative 3 and 4-part cards in both print and cursive fonts.

    • The Math and Sensorial Work Book offers an abundance of engaging activities spread across more than 50 pages. Dive into the world of numbers with exciting exercises such as addition, subtraction, skip counting mazes, and a counting table up to 140. Discover the joy of hands-on learning with entertaining color sorting and lacing activities that enhance sensory exploration and coordination skills.

    • The Language Work Book contains a wealth of engaging activities designed to enhance language skills. Dive into the fascinating world of bees through bee-themed alphabet and word tracing exercises, captivating alphabet mazes, and a variety of delightful language exercises. With over 100 pages of carefully crafted content, this workbook provides an engaging language learning experience.

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