Lastest Bundle from Harbor & Sprout


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Full list of resources:

A Childhood Set Apart @AChildhoodSetApart

*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Fun Fall Games (4-12)


A Handful of Blessings @AHandfulOfBlessings

*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Go Nuts! Sight Word Card Game (3-5 and 5-8)

*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Autumn Leaves and Fungi Memory Match Game FREEBIE (all ages)


A Home Grown Love @A.Home.Grown.Love

*NEW* Nature Games and Fun for Harbor and Sprout (3-9)


Bee Yourself Early Learning @BeeYourself.EarlyLearning

*NEW* ASL Cut Apart Puzzles (3+)

*NEW* Posters (3+)

*NEW* Montessori-Style Alphabet Cards (3+)

*NEW* ASL Memory Match Game FREEBIE (3+)


Beyond the Book Education @Belzibow

*NEW* Let’s Explore Labyrinths and Mazes Project Lapbook (5-12)

Let’s Play Equation Bingo (all ages)

*NEW* Let’s Play Tell the Time (5-10)


Books and Willows @BooksAndWillows

*NEW* Space Games Learning Pack (4-9)


Crafts Fun and Learning @craftsfunandlearning

*NEW* Autumn Go Fish Game (2-12)

*NEW* Autumn Make a Scene Craft (2-10) 

Thanksgiving Go Fish (2-12)

Thanksgiving Spot It (2-9)

Autumn Spot It (2-9)

Owl Coloring Sheet Freebie (all ages)


Gabitat Emporium @GabitatEmporium

Colour by Numbers (3-14)

Beetle Game (3-14)

French Colours (3-14)

Inside my Body English and Spanish (3-14)

A Year of Nature Play NOVEMBER (3-14)

Pumpkin Study FREEBIE (3-14)

Skeletal Spanish (3-14)

Winter Bird Puzzle (3-14)

Winter Theatre Activity (3-14)

Wonders of Fungi Matching Game (3-14)


Harbor and Sprout @HarborandSprout

*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Nature Games and Fun by Lauren @A.Home.Grown.Love (3-8)

*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE UPGRADE ITEM* Harbor and Sprout Nature Journal (All Ages) by Stephanie Groves @TheEverydayPlanner_ and Danielle Hansen @TheBrilliantBungalow


HearthRoom Press @Hearthroom.Press

*NEW* Nature-Themed Hide and Seek Games (3-9)

Nature-Themed Word Search FREEBIE (4-12)


Hollow and Hoot @HollowandHoot

*NEW* Pumpkin Symmetry Game (3-8)

*NEW* Nature-Themed I Spy (3-8)

*NEW* Jack-O-Lantern Emotion Identifying Game (3-8)


Homeschool Mastery Academy @HomeschoolMasteryAcademy

ASL Game Pack (all ages)


Hudson Academy of Curiosity @Hudson_Academy

*NEW* Create Your Own Flower Arrangement (3-8)

*NEW* Flower Memory Game (3-8)

*NEW* Flower Dominoes FREEBIE (3-8)


KingPrintables @LoralynDesigns

Craft Stick Puzzles (2-5)

Playing with Shapes (2-5)

Build a Snowman (2-6)


Little Folk Learning @Little.Folk.Learning

*NEW* Post Office Dramatic Play Kit (3-6)

*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Nature Tangrams FREEBIE (all ages)


Little Hedgehog Prints

Tangram Puzzle Set (all ages)


Little Spark Company @LittleSparkEtsy

*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Skip Counting with Winslow Homer (3-13)

*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Skip Counting with Piet Mondrian (3-13)

*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Skip Counting with Maurice Pillard Verneuil (3-13)


Mama’s Happy Hive @MamasHappyHive

*NEW* Artist and Art Image Matching and Postcards (3+)


Messy Beautiful Fun @DebbieJeanMcmullen

Math War Games (5-14)

Knight Fight Game (6-14)

CVC Word Finds (4-8)

Sight Word Searches (4-9)

Fall Math Mats (3-8)

Monsters Posters @Monsters.Posters

Autumn Dobble (Spot It) Cards (3+)

ABC Dobble Cards (3+)


Montessori In Color @MontessoriInColor

*NEW* Fall Themed Unit with Puzzles and Games (3-7)


Montessori Factory @MontessoriFactory

Tangram Puzzles (3-10)


Montessori & Multilingual @Montessori.Multilingual

*EXCLUSIVE AND UNRELEASED* Forest Bingo (all ages)

Animal Counting Strip Puzzles (3-7)


Mornings Together @MorningsTogether

*NEW* Nature Games Pack (3-8)

*NEW* Tic Tac Rainbow FREEBIE (all ages)

Beetle Symmetry Match (3-8)


O’s Fun Planet @OsFunPlanet

*NEW* Beginning Sound Tic-Tac-Toe (4-6)

*NEW* Playful Winter Game | Guessing Games and Puzzles (4-6)


PlayroomActivities @PlayroomActivities

*NEW* 7 Wonders of the World Mini Bundle (3-8)


Redefining Default LLC @RedefiningDefault

*NEW* Graphs 1 Fairytale Treasure Hunt FREEBIE (5-10)

*NEW* Coding 1 Binary Builds a Friend Treasure Hunt (5-10)

Cardinal Directions Primer

How to Read Code Primer

Relative Directions- Left and Right- Primer


So Simple a Beginning @SoSimpleABeginning

*NEW* Forest Trivia Cards (6-12)

*NEW* Winter Foraging Game (6-12)

Full Moon Forest Puzzle (3-6)


Tacuco @TacucoKids

Vegetables Dominoes (3-9)

Vegetables Sudoku (4-9)

Vegetables What Comes Next (3-9)

Vegetables I Spy (3-9)

Vegetables Cutting Dice FREEBIE (3-9)


The Art Kit @TheArtKit

*NEW* Sudoku on the Farm and Hay Bale Mazes (2-12)

Tic Tac Toe on the Farm FREEBIE (2-12)


The Everyday Planner @TheEverydayPlanner_

*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE UPGRADE ITEM* Harbor and Sprout Nature Journal (All Ages)


This Growing Life @ThisGrowingLife

Four Seasons Bingo Games (3-9)

Four Seasons Matching Games (3-9)


Tiny Acorn Atelier @JLeeJarrin

*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* The Mitten Storytelling Puppet Set (all ages)

Waldorf-Inspired Whole-to-Parts Math Manipulatives (all ages) 


Whimsy Printables @WhimsyPrintables

Butterfly Matching Puzzle (3-7)

Beetle Matching Puzzle (3-7)

Nature Memory Match FREEBIE (3-9)


Wild Earth Lab @WildEarthLab

Alphabet in Nature Unit (2-7)


Wild Feather Edu @WildFeatherEdu

*NEW* Ocean Alphabet (3-11)

*NEW* Ocean Games (3-11)

*NEW* Ocean Board Game (3-11)


Wildflower Dwelling Co @Wildflower.Dwelling

Nature Puzzle Pack (3-10)


Wildflowers @WildflowersBySarah

*EXCLUSIVE* Pond Bingo (3+)


Willow & Owl @WillowAndOwlToys

*NEW* Games for the Family (all ages)

A Magical Christmas Harry Potter Bundle FREEBIE (All Ages)


Promotional Freebies

Tic Tac Toe on the Farm by The Art Kit

ASL Memory Match Game by Bee Yourself Early Learning

Nature Tangrams by Little Folk Learning

Graphs Fairytale Treasure Hunt by Redefining Default

Nature Memory Match by Whimsy Printables

Nature Word Search by Hearthroom Press

Tic Tac Rainbow by Mornings Together

A Magical Christmas Harry Potter Bundle by Willow & Owl

Vegetable Cutting Dice by Tacuco

Owl Coloring Sheet by Crafts Fun and Learning

Fungi and Autumn Leaves Memory Match by A Handful of Blessings

Pumpkin Study by Gabitat Emporium

Flower Dominoes by Hudson Academy of Curiosity

Thank you so much for your support!