KhadineDECO - is a luxury Montessori baby & child accessories brand which was established in 2013 by qualified childcarer, Khadine Litim.


Specialising in Montessori placemats, toddler bibs and other accessories to guide your child towards independence is what KhadineDECO is focused on.

Each item is designed, made and packaged with love and care from my small home studio in Brittany, France. Using mostly locally sourced, best quality materials, I create timeless products that can be passed down through your growing family. Each item is made with care and meticulous attention to detail - you'll see this mentioned in many reviews!



Her contribution to the Spring MEGA Bundle

Spring & Easter Placemats (Practical Life, 0-6)

Gorgeous Spring inspired placemats.

Spring Organization Clothing Labels (Practical Life, 0-9)

Dress up your closet with these gorgeous spring inspired clothing labels.