Biologist, high school science teacher for more than ten years. She has been reviewing children's and young adult books since 2010. She was editor of an educational magazine, has taught courses to teachers and advised educational evaluation processes. In her instagram account she shares the activities and science books she uses with her daughter and her students.

Leyendo con Azul


Her contribution to the Spring MEGA Bundle

Asexual and Sexual Reproduction - Leyendo con Azul (Zoology, Science, Nature, 6-12)

A beautifully designed guide to the types of reproduction of different animal groups combining zoology with language activities.

Scientific Classification - Leyendo con Azul (Zoology, Science, Nature, 6-12)

This montessori inspired set explores three areas of scientific classification, classification by sexual or asexual reproduction, and classification by type of feeding.

Types of Feeding - Leyendo con Azul (Zoology, Science, Nature, 6-12)

Types of Feeding will raise curiosity in children by learning about  nutrition, the digestive process, and animal food cycles.