Vanessa writes at Mama’s Happy Hive and started her blog as a way to express her creative side with others. She homeschools her two children (son & daughter) with a Christian hands-on learning style and an emphasis on Montessori inspired education. Vanessa has a Bachelor's degree in nursing and has worked as a Pediatric nurse and IBCLC. However, she considers her full-time job to be a stay-at-home-mom to her children.  She takes great joy in watching her children discover the beauty of the natural world and sharing inspiration with others.

About Mama's Happy Hive:
Mama’s Happy Hive blog was created to inspire other caregivers and homeschoolers to teach your children by learning with play. I believe children should be children for as long as possible and that learning should be fun! We use a hands-on Montessori inspired style of learning in our home.

Mama's Happy Hive


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