I'm Nicole, the creator behind Montessori for Moms. As a Montessori Farm School teacher, I get to enjoy teaching an in-depth and hands on nature curriculum while also following the Montessori method. I create printables to support our studies in the classroom, and also enjoy sharing them with people like YOU!

My aim is to make Montessori approachable for any mom, teacher or homeschooler and provide unique and inspiring ideas to spark an excitement of teaching (for the adult) and learning (for the child).

Utilizing the outdoors is a huge focus of my Montessori approach, and you'll also find a variety of outdoor learning ideas that can easy be implemented with any homeschool or Montessori curriculum. I hope you find joy in what I've created for you!

Montessori for Moms


Her contribution to the Spring MEGA Bundle

Pollinators of the World Unit Study - Montessori For Moms  (Math, Language, Botany, Zoology, 3-9)

Learn about the pollinators of the word in this colorful and whimsical learning set. Filled with number puzzles, posters, research pages, play dough mats, and sewing cards.