My name is Indie, I'm a Montessori home-school mum and certified Montessori teacher. I have had the joy of home-schooling our only daughter for the last 5 years. I DIY most of our Montessori inspired materials and love to inspire others by sharing our Montessori journey, monthly theme creations and shelf activities.

My Little Montessorian


Her contribution to the Spring MEGA Bundle

Tree of Life - My Little Montessorian (Science,Nature, Zoology, 3-6)

This unit will engage children into classifying mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish, and invertebrates by creating a tree of life.

Soil Anatomy - My Little Montessorian (Science, Nature, Language, 3-6)

Curious minds will love peeking under the soil through fact cards and watercolor posters.

Backyard Biome - My Little Montessorian (Science, Nature, Language, 3-6)

Your little one will love learning all about the treasures of nature found in their very own backyard with this learning set that features posters, word cards, and puzzles.