I'm mom of two girls, crafter and creator. I always like to create something by my hand, love the needlework and enjoy to discover something new and to fantasize. And when my first daughter was born, I wanted to give the best toys for her, toys made with love and warmth. That's why in 2016 I began to sew toys for her, and later I started to make different learning activities for my daughter. Now we're continuing homeschooling and play-based learning with my two daughters. I'm happy to share our experience and I hope that your kids also will enjoy my learning resources.

Rudens Art


Her contribution to the Spring MEGA Bundle

Spring flowers learning pack - Rudens Art (Science, Botany (Flowers), Math, Language, 3-9)

Your little one will love learning all about flowers with this gorgeous flower learning pack. Inside the pack you will find word cards, pre-writing practice, posters, line tracing, and writing prompts.

Gardening Learning Pack - Rudens Art (Science (Gardening), Math, Language, 3-9)

Your little one will have so much fun learning about the garden with this hands-on learning set. Inside you will find 3 part cards, pre-writing, numbers, counting, and games.