Stella Nova Montessori offers Montessori consulting, homeschool support, and parenting and educator guidance. SNM was founded by Kari, a Montessori 6-9 trained teacher and Montessori Mama of two. She currently is a Montessori-inspired toddler teacher, works with families to homeschool their children, and helps families to set up their home Montessori-style (virtually and in-person!) She creates Montessori-inspired printables for her students, clients and as a creative outlet. Join her newsletter list to grab free printables and join the community that supports families, teachers, and caregivers in following the child in a judgment free zone!

Stella Nova Montessori


Her contribution to the Spring MEGA Bundle

Animal Research Sheet in Print and Cursive - Stella Nova Montessori (Science, Nature, Language, 3-6)

This animal Research Sheet provides a guide for children to gather multiple facts about animals. It comes in both print and cursive fonts.

Spring Alphabetizing Cards - Stella Nova Montessori (Language, 3-6)

Beautifully designed alphabet cards perfect for guiding children in the order of the alphabet.

Spring Bingo - Stella Nova Montessori

This gorgeous Spring inspired bingo game makes such a fun addition to a family game night.

Spring Word Problems (+, -, x, ÷) - Stella Nova Montessori (Language, 2-9)

Have fun working on word problem skills with these colorful word problem cards that feature adorable watercolor illustrations.

Ten Lower Elementary Writing Spring Writing Prompts - Stella Nova Montessori (Language, 6-9)

Your child will have so much fun using their creative mind to write about the various Spring themed

Writing prompts.