Kari Nowosielski, MEd, is a Montessori momma of two. She lives in Connecticut, USA, with her family and is a Montessori lower elementary teacher, currently working as a Montessori toddler teacher! She also runs Stella Nova Montessori, a consulting community that offers lesson planning for homeschoolers, support for new teachers, parent education for schools, and prepared environment solutions for both the home and classroom. She creates Montessori printables that you can find in the Mega Bundles as well as her Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s shop and her Facebook group.

Stella Nova Montessori


Her contribution to the Spring MEGA Bundle

Animal Research Sheet in Print and Cursive - Stella Nova Montessori (Science, Nature, Language, 3-6)

This animal Research Sheet provides a guide for children to gather multiple facts about animals. It comes in both print and cursive fonts.

Spring Alphabetizing Cards - Stella Nova Montessori (Language, 3-6)

Beautifully designed alphabet cards perfect for guiding children in the order of the alphabet.

Spring Bingo - Stella Nova Montessori

This gorgeous Spring inspired bingo game makes such a fun addition to a family game night.

Spring Word Problems (+, -, x, ÷) - Stella Nova Montessori (Language, 2-9)

Have fun working on word problem skills with these colorful word problem cards that feature adorable watercolor illustrations.

Ten Lower Elementary Writing Spring Writing Prompts - Stella Nova Montessori (Language, 6-9)

Your child will have so much fun using their creative mind to write about the various Spring themed

Writing prompts.