My name is Kristie, and I’m a homeschool mom of three. I created my shop because I love finding extra things to add into our homeschool day, and I thought it would be fun to get creative and make some! I am inspired by nature, and things my own kids need for extra practice and fun in their homeschool day! I create homeschool and motherhood videos on Youtube at theselittlesprouts.

These Little Sprouts


Her contribution to the Spring MEGA Bundle

Springtime Busy Book - These Little Sprouts (Art, Nature, Math Language, 3-6)

Springtime Busy Book will engage children in the frog life cycle, dress up, weather, bugs, and gardening. This fun hands-on activity book is great to take with you on long journeys.

Monarch Butterfly Migration Mini Unit - These Little Sprouts (Science, Nature, Language, Art, 3-6)

Discover and explore the monarch butterfly migration with this beautiful mini unit study.