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There are many benefits to spending time outside that help children become better learners. This includes getting them to think. Kids are naturally curious, and spending time outside gets them to ask questions about nature and the world around them.

It also encourages creativity and imagination. While outdoors, they have more room to move and naturally become more inventive with unstructured play. There are multiple ways to encourage more outdoor time.

1. Do indoor activities outside: Put together an outdoor space where indoor activities can be done outside. Such as reading, schoolwork, art, playing with toys, playing games, snack time, meal time, etc.

2. Incorporate nature into your children’s play area: provide play areas such as water and sand tables and mud kitchens that incorporate loose parts (these are open-ended materials that encourage imagination) such as flowers, leaves, sticks, pinecones, acorns, mud, rocks, wood slices, blocks, empty containers, old dishes, etc.

3. Plan family outings that involve nature: nature walks and hikes, camping, picnics, going to the beach, zoo, or aquarium. During these outings, encourage your children to bring a journal and jot down notes, draw pictures, or take pictures with a camera.

4. Keep a nature journal: this encourages children to be more observant of nature and even learn more about it. Since they have to take the time to write or draw what they see. Which also helps with their writing skills.

5. Scavenger hunts: scavenger hunts are another good way to encourage children to be more observant of nature. Since they have to be on the lookout for whatever they are hunting for.

6. Read books about nature: reading books can help spark a child's curiosity in a particular subject. Reading books about nature may get them interested in going outside to explore nature.

7. Start a garden: this will help children learn about plants and where food comes from. It may even encourage them to eat their vegetables. Especially if they get to help prepare them.

8. Be a Role Model: Naturally, children want to do everything that their parents are doing. And they mimic their behavior as well. So, spending more time outdoors yourself will encourage them to do so as well.

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I'm Kerry Conley and I just started my new business Nature For Children. My goal is to inspire children to be curious about nature and to provide a fun way for them to learn about nature through the materials that I provide on my website in addition to activities that will encourage them to go outside and explore. I hope to spark a never-ending love of learning about the world around them.