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Embark on a botanical journey with our "Elderflower Adventure Pack." This printable pack is a fantastic resource for children to learn about the delicate Elderflower, blending education with fun in a homeschool-friendly format.

Elderflower Adventure Pack: Discover Botanical Wonders

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    • Elegant Elderflower Poster: An informative poster depicting the Elderflower.
    • Elderflower Riddle: A riddle to engage and intrigue young minds.
    • Ivy's Elderflower Exploration: Insights into the Elderflower from our young botanist, Ivy.
    • Elderflower Recipe: A simple and tasty recipe that kids can help prepare.
    • Facts about Elderflower: Seven facts to broaden knowledge on Elderflower.
    • Knowledge Reinforcing Quiz: A quiz focused on the Elderflower to test learning.

    If you want to learn about other plants too, then check out the 7 Edible Plants Bundle a discounted price  below:

  • Please note that this is a digital product and the materials will be sent to your email address right after purchase. Nothing will be shipped to your address. Due to the digital nature of the product, we do not offer refunds.

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