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Have fun with Arctic Friends Language and Math Educational Printable featuring beautiful images and engaging activities for children aged 3-10.

Arctic Friends Unit Study

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  • This printable pack features  almost 100 pages of fun educational activities perfect for children ages 3-9 including:

    • Arctic Animal Cards
    • Arctic Tracing Strips
    • Arctic ABC Tracing Sheets
    • Matching Alphabet Sheet
    • Initial Letter Cards
    • a e i o u Filling Sheets
    • Counting and Tracing Cards
    • Bigger, Smaller, and Equal Activity Card
    • Arctic Addition and Subtraction Sheets
    • Counting Activities Card
    • Roll the Dice Activity
    • Hundred Board Activity Cards 
    • Maze Activity Card
    • Initial Letter Cards in Print and Cursive
    • Arctic Animal Location Activity Sheet
    • Number Clip Cards
    • Identifying Small, Medium, and Large Object Activity 

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