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Let's explore the world of Vincent Van Gogh with our Art Journal - Van Gogh! This unique product is perfect for children aged 8-12 who love art and want to learn more about one of the most famous artists in history.

Art Study - Van Gogh

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  • Over 25 pages of printables suited for children 8-12, including:

    • Vincent Van Gogh Biography Page: Learn about the life and legacy of the great artist, Vincent Van Gogh.

    • Questions and Answers Page: Test your knowledge about Van Gogh with these fun and informative questions and answers.

    • Art Study Sunflowers: Analyze Van Gogh's famous painting, Sunflowers, with this art study page.

    • Sun Flower Coloring Page: Get creative and color in a beautiful sunflower.

    • Sun Flower Painting Page: Practice your painting skills with this guided activity.

    • Art Study The Bedroom: Explore Van Gogh's bedroom with this art study page.

    • Letter From Vincent Van Gogh: Read a letter from Vincent Van Gogh to his brother, Theo.

    • Questions and Answers Page: Test your knowledge about Van Gogh's life and art with these engaging questions and answers.

    • Art Study The Starry Night: Dive into one of Van Gogh's most famous works, The Starry Night, with this art study page.

    • Starry Night Coloring Page: Get artistic and color in the iconic Starry Night painting.

    • Starry Night Painting Page: Create your own Starry Night painting with this step-by-step activity.

    • Art Study The Cafe Terrace at Night: Discover Van Gogh's atmospheric painting, The Cafe Terrace at Night, with this art study page.

    • The Cafe Terrace at Night Painting Puzzle Page: Solve the puzzle and create your own version of this masterpiece.

    • Vincent Van Gogh Pocket Cards: Keep a set of pocket cards with Van Gogh's famous works and quotes.

    • The Cafe Terrace at Night Puzzle: Have fun piecing together this beautiful puzzle.

    These printables are carefully designed to offer an engaging and educational experience for children aged 8-12. They provide a comprehensive study of Van Gogh's life, art and techniques. By engaging in hands-on activities, children can develop their creativity, attention to detail, and critical thinking skills. With the Art Journal - Van Gogh, your child can explore the world of art and learn from one of the most influential artists of all time. It's a perfect tool for homeschooling, art education, or just for fun!

  • Please note that this is a digital product and the materials will be sent to your email address right after purchase. Nothing will be shipped to your address. Due to the digital nature of the product, we do not offer refunds.

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