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Our Beaver Study Pack is brimming with engaging activities that blend essential math and language skills with fun exercises. As little learners delve into the fascinating world of beavers, they'll not only discover the lives and habitats of these industrious creatures but also develop a lifelong love for learning and the natural world.

Beaver Study Pack

Excluding VAT
    • Flash cards showcasing essential beaver facts

    • Information sheet outlining distinctions between North American and Eurasian Beavers

    • Habitat details

    • Canada's international emblem: the beaver

    • The dietary habits of beavers

    • Top 10 beaver facts

    • Questions and Answers section

    • Poster illustrating various beaver anatomy

    • Counting activity featuring beavers and badgers

    • Beaver outline tracing sheets

    • Numerical tracing practice from 1 to 10

    • A beaver-themed hundred chart

    • A collection of mazes, puzzles, and coloring pages

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