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Explore math and language with this fun Forest Friends Activity Bundle featuring beautiful watercolor images and many interesting fun activities.

Forest Friends Math and Language Bundle

Excluding VAT
  • This printable pack features 70 pages of fun math and language activities featuring 8 forest friends: a hedgehog, owl, raccoon, hare, fox, deer, skunk, and a bear.

    Included are the following activities:

    • Alphabet Cards in Print and Print (B, D, F, H, M, O, R, S)
    • I Spy with my Little Eye
    • Parts of a Hedgehog, a Deer, and a Fox
    • Tracing Words in Print and Cursive
    • Alphabet Tracing Sheets (B, D, F, H, M, O, R, S)
    • Count and Trace Cards (1-10)
    • Tracing 1 - 10
    • Additions, Subtractions Sheets
    • 10 Frames
    • Count and Trace Mat and Game
    • Addition Sheets and Control Cards
    • Forest Friends Graph
    • I Can Count 1 - 100 Tracing Sheets and Games
    • Hundred Board Tracing and Filling in the Missing Numbers
    • Fun Forest Friends Puzzles
    • Tracing Strips Sheet
    • Coloring Sheets

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