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Introduce the concept of time, weather, and seasons to young minds with our "Perpetual Learning Wall Calendar." This printable calendar is an invaluable resource for parents, educators, and caregivers to help organize and educate young children and toddlers. It serves as a practical and engaging tool to teach about months, days, weather conditions, moon phases and seasons. Ideal for use in homeschool environments and classroom settings, this calendar also adds a colorful and educational touch to any learning space and can be easily converted into a magnetic wall calendar!

Perpetual Wall Calendar: Northern Hemisphere

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    • Perpetual Calendar Design:
      Use year after year, this calendar is a timeless resource for teaching the basics of time, including days, months, and seasons.
    • Weekly Plan Schedule:

      Includes a specially designed weekly planner section where children can add and plan their week. It comes with fun icons for different subjects and activities, like museum visits, zoo trips, or birthdays, encouraging kids to organize and look forward to their weekly events.
    • Moon Cycle Tracking:

      The calendar features mini moon cycle cards that allow children to observe and learn about the phases of the moon, adding an astronomical dimension to their daily learning.
    • Weather:

      Teach your child to observe weather with beautifully designed weather cards.
    • Tailored for Young Learners:

      Specifically designed for young children, the calendar's content and visuals are easily understandable and engaging for this age group.
    • Classroom and Homeschool Decoration:

      More than an educational tool, it also serves as an attractive and informative decoration, adding a learning-focused ambiance to any room.


    The "Wall Calendar" is an invaluable addition to any educational setting. It not only helps in teaching fundamental concepts of time and planning but also encourages curiosity and excitement about daily and weekly activities. This interactive tool is perfect for fostering organizational skills and a sense of responsibility in young learners, while keeping education fun and engaging.

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