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Welcome to the Ultimate Pizza Play Set, a haven of imagination and culinary adventure designed for young, eager hands.


This comprehensive 60 page long digital printable can create a perfect pretend play pizza set where little chefs can knead their creativity into every slice. From setting up and adorning their very own pizzeria, to taking detailed orders and serving up delectable pretend pizzas, all the way to the final act of payment, the Ultimate Pizza Play Set encapsulates the full spectrum of running a pizza shop. 


Dive into the delightful realm of the Ultimate Pizza Play Set and embark on a journey of imagination, creativity, and discovery.

The Ultimate Pizza Pretend Play Set - Pizzeria

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  • Pizzeria Essentials:
    Transform your home into a bustling pizzeria with our Ultimate Pizza Play Set! Deck out your stand or table with your shop's garland that can spell PIZZA or PIZZERIA, catch eyes with a fun poster, and spread the word with "Pizza To Go" leaflets. Highlight your culinary creativity with a "Today's Special" board, use open/close signs for realistic play, and reward loyal customers with coupon cards. It's everything you need to create unforgettable pizza experiences right at home.

    Running the Pizzeria:
    Welcome your customers with beautiful menus for both slice and whole pizza options. Use the order sheets to jot down customer choices like a pro. Hand out detailed receipts for a touch of realism when it's time to "pay." Personalize your pizzeria experience with name tags. Invite friends to join the fun with role play tags, ensuring everyone has a part to play in your bustling pizza business.

    Making and Serving Pizzas and Drinks
    Dive into the heart of pizza making! This section is designed to turn you into a pizza artisan, featuring recipe cards for six pretend pizzas featured on yoru menu. Use our detailed cut-outs of pizza slices and ingredients to create your pizzas.Our paper pizza serving board brings the pizzeria vibe right to your play kitchen, perfect for serving pizzas up to eagerly waiting customers. Complete the dining experience with a place mat for each guest, ensuring they enjoy their slice of playtime just as much as their pizza.

    Handling Payments
    Complete your pizzeria experience with our "Pizzeria Cashier's Corner"! This section brings the excitement of handling payments to life with realistic paper money in 1 and 10 dollar and euro bills, credit cards, and a credit card machine. Each item is designed to enhance the authenticity of transactions, from taking orders to the final payment. The centerpiece of this collection is a beautifully crafted cash register. Whether you're swiping a card or counting cash, this set provides the perfect tools to introduce children to financial literacy in a fun and engaging way.

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