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Let's dive in and explore the wonders of the sea with our Sea Life Study Pack! This amazing set is filled with engaging and fun-filled activities centered around various sea animals like nautilus, jellyfish, dolphin, giant squid, flying fish and many more covering all the letters of the alphabet.

Your child and/or students will have a blast get to know the names of different sea creatures while developing essential skills focused on early reading, writing, math, and fine motor skills.


Our Sea Life Study Pack is perfectly suited for children aged 3-9 and is an excellent educational resource for parents, teachers, and homeschooling families.

Sea Life Study Pack

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  • Discover the deep blue sea with our Sea Life Study Pack, which includes up to 90 pages of printables perfect for children aged 3-9. This pack includes:

    • Alphabet posters in both print and cursive

    • ABC cards to help your child learn the alphabet

    • Initial letter clip cards to improve letter recognition

    • Half puzzles and ABC half puzzles for problem-solving skills

    • Match the letter and trace the letters for fine motor skills

    • Eye Spy with My Little Eye activity for a fun challenge

    • I Can Trace ABC in both print and cursive

    • ABC Fill in the Blank for letter recognition and writing practice

    • Trace the Letters Uppercase and Lowercase for penmanship skills

    • Fine Motor Skills activities to develop hand-eye coordination

    • Spot the Initial Letters for letter recognition practice

    • A E I O U Fill It In for vowel recognition and writing practice

    • Tracing strips for more penmanship practice

    • Sea Life Alphabet Tracing Book to learn about sea animals and the alphabet

    • Count and Read, Count and Trace, and Trace and Count for number recognition and writing practice

    • Additions, Subtraction, and More or Less activities for problem-solving skills

    • Number Clip Cards to improve number recognition

    • Hundred Board and Hundred Board Tile Game for number recognition and counting practice

    • Fill in the Missing Numbers for number sequence practice

    • Mazes and Color by Number for a fun and engaging way to learn

    • Flashcard Holders to keep all the printables organized

    With all of these incredible resources at your fingertips, your child will have endless opportunities to learn and grow!

    Our Sea Life Study Pack is the perfect tool to help your child develop essential skills while having fun exploring the amazing world of sea life.

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