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Delight and educate your children with our "Enchanting Winter Wonderland Study Pack," a comprehensive collection designed for kids aged 6 to 12. This beautifully crafted 110-page pack is filled with a rich tapestry of information, blending history, nature, and science in a unique and memorable way. Each page is an invitation to explore the wonders of winter, from the intricate details of snowflakes to the thrill of winter sports. Perfect for homeschooling, classroom education, or simply nurturing a love for learning, this pack is sure to kindle curiosity and excitement about the colder months and their significance.

Enchanting Winter Wonderland Study Pack

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  • What's Included:

    Study of the Four Seasons:
    Learn all about the four seasons, with a focus on understanding their unique characteristics and importance.


    • Famous Winter Art Pieces:
    • Learn about four famous winter-themed art pieces in the winter art corner page.
      • Snowglobes and Snowmen:
        Delve into the charming histories of snowglobes and snowmen, beloved winter icons and crafts.
      • Study of Siberian Huskies and Learn about Icebergs and Auroras
      • Seven Summits of the World:
        In this chapter you will read about the highest peaks of each continent, known as the Seven Summits, and their significance in mountaineering.
      • Nature in Winter:
        Discover how nature transforms in winter, learn about hibernation, adaptations and migrations of animals and plants.
      • Winter Sports and Olympics:
        Explore various winter sports and the history of the Winter Olympics, celebrating the spirit of competition and athleticism in cold climates.
      • Study of Snowflakes and Snowflake Bentley:
        Study snowflakes' unique formations, including the work of Snowflake Bentley, the first person to photograph and study snowflakes.
      • Winter Solstice Exploration:
        Learn about the winter solstice, its historical and cultural significance, and how it impacts our planet.
      • History of Our Calendar:
        Dive into the fascinating history behind our modern calendar, including how and why it was developed. Learn all the months of the year and how they differ in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.
      • Quizzes, DIY Activities, and Recipes:
        Engage with interactive quizzes, fun DIY projects, and delicious winter recipes, perfect for hands-on learning and family bonding.
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