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Dive deep into the mysteries of the world's waters with our all-new Ocean Study Pack! Crafted specifically for curious minds aged 6-12, this comprehensive set brims with interactive and enlightening activities that uncover the magic of our oceans.


The pack offers a wealth of knowledge about the world's vast oceans, introducing key concepts about the five major oceans, their diverse zones, and the crucial topic of ocean conservation. It further delves into the dynamic phenomena of tides and provides an engaging introduction to the exciting world of scuba diving and snorkeling.


Learn to understand what it takes to breathe underwater and discover the specialized gear that enables us to explore the aquatic realm. The pack emphasizes the importance of preserving our fragile ecosystems, with a spotlight on the spectacular diversity and structure of coral reefs.


Your child or students will embark on a thrilling journey of ocean exploration with a bounty of resources on sea life. They'll engage with the classification of marine animals, discover detailed info sheets about sea turtles, salmon, and the majestic emperor penguin, and dive into seven fascinating facts about sea life that are sure to captivate their imagination.


The learning experience is further enriched with "The Chronicle of Atlantis" story, which fires up their reading comprehension skills while fueling their fascination for underwater lore.

OCEAN Study Pack

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  • Set sail on an educational journey with our expansive Ocean Study Pack, meticulously designed with an array of engaging resources to immerse young learners in marine life and oceanic phenomena:

    • Info Sheet About Our Ocean: An introductory guide offering a comprehensive overview of the world's oceans, their geographical importance, and their ecological role.

    • 7 Facts About World's Ocean: A compilation of seven intriguing facts that deepen your understanding of the world's oceans and their integral role in sustaining life on Earth.

    • Introduction to 5 Oceans: Detailed profiles of each of the world's five major oceans (Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern, and Arctic), providing insights into their unique characteristics.

    • Ocean Zones: An easy-to-understand breakdown of the distinct oceanic zones, from the sunlit epipelagic zone to the mysterious abyssopelagic depths.

    • Ocean Conservation: An enlightening resource highlighting the importance of preserving our oceans and practical steps we can all take to contribute to conservation efforts.

    • Learn About Tides: A guide to understanding the fascinating phenomenon of ocean tides, their causes, and their effects on the oceanic environment.

    • Scuba Diving and Snorkelling: An introductory guide to these exhilarating water activities, offering a glimpse into the underwater world that awaits explorers.

    • How to Breathe Underwater: An informative explanation of the science behind breathing underwater, fostering an understanding of human physiology in underwater conditions.

    • Scuba Diving Gear: A comprehensive look at the equipment needed for scuba diving, detailing their functions and importance.

    • Preserving Fragile Ecosystems: An important discussion on the need to preserve our planet's delicate marine ecosystems and the role each one of us can play in this crucial endeavor.

    • Types of Coral Reefs

    • Ocean Exploration

    • The Chronicle of Atlantis Story Letter and Comprehension

    • Info About Sea Life

    • Classification of Marine Animals

    • 7 Facts About Sea Life

    • Info About Sea Turtle, Salmon, Emperor Penguin: In-depth profiles of these incredible marine species, revealing their unique adaptations, life cycles, and roles within their ecosystems.

    The Ocean Study Pack is more than just a collection of facts and figures—it's a gateway to the remarkable world beneath the waves, designed to inspire the next generation of ocean lovers and conservationists.

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